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mmm.. burgers - crazy bomb guy's pirate ship

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September 14th, 2004

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11:54 pm - mmm.. burgers
I had a freaking AWESOME time at the part last night. It was the greatest. Had Amanda over early, and we went shopping with my sister. {retty good time there... nothing too special... tried some Jones' soda for the first time, it was pretty good. =) We came home and fired up the grill.. that was fun! so the Fu showed up and jaw jacked for a while, Tonya and Michael followed suit. Adam got lost getting here... he called me and has to ask me where to go... again. =) Heather showed up shortly after, Jenna came also, and, after a while, Justin Baker showed his mug. After Amanda had to leave at 1030, Adam and I had some interesting conversation for a while, mostly about Amanda, and going over to his place next MOnday. But we actually talked some politics and things of the like. I played a pretty mean joke on Lyndsay... I thought it was awesome! She didn't think it was that great. We went to Shoemakers where Lila, Jenna's sister, was stoned out of her dome... made for some interesting experiences. Had some freaking pancakes that were as big as the sun and twice as delicious. =) Went home after a while and basically went to bed after playing my mean little joke on my sister. It was a great time, and all of you who didn't make it should be crying like a teen that was stood up on prom night. Your loss I guess... it was a great time had by all...

p.s. Amanda made me a new icon... isn't it cool!
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Current Music: my sister muttering stuff about HTML

(crazy bomb guy strikes again!)

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