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worst. 2 day span. ever. - crazy bomb guy's pirate ship

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August 21st, 2004

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03:22 pm - worst. 2 day span. ever.
OK... so I have had a rough couple of days... Let's start yesterday.

Now... I know that most of you know that I have a cornucopia of younger siblings. Most of the time they are pretty ok to deal with. Not too bad... not too good. Yesterday was one of those days where they are all irritating to the point of me going crazier than Mike Tyson... on a bad day. Wyatt was being an argumentative little bastard... Eli was being Eli... Patrick made things more interesting than normal... Jack was following Eli, and that's a recipe for trouble, Gideon was being... well... he was pretty good actually... and the baby was being clingy...

No real stories to tell about them.. they were just being little dipshits. My dad, on the other hand, was being very non-helpful and frustrating. He would do a load of dishes... put them in the dishwasher, and then take them out... and set them in front of the cupboards they go in! How hard is it to put freaking dishes in the cupboards they go on! Especially when you already took them out, and set them in front of those very cupboards! I swear sometimes he just doesn't think... or doesn't know what to do... it's like trying to get an eagle to walk instead of fly. It's just not going to happen. I know he has things like work to take care of... especially this week... but he could offer a little help instead of leaving me to hold down the fort by myself in the middle of an onslaught of messes, dishes, and children.

Then came work... now... I was supposed to drive at 430 yesterday... I told my mom that... and she said someone would be home... naturally when my little sister came home from school,I thought all was happy and good in the world, and I would be on time for work. When she came to me and said, "I have to go back to school, see ya." Which I retorted with... "I HAVE TO LEAVE IN 15 MINUTES!!!" to which she smarmily replied, "Bye." I pretty much lost it and called her useless... So I phoned work and told them of my peril... to which I got told, "no worries, just get here when you can." So my mom comes home... at 420 (insert marijuana joke here if you really must) and I am reasonably mad... so I leave.

On my way to work... I notice an odd noise coming from the truck... it was kinda a "SSSSssss" noise... on every turn of the tire... I'm thinking... great... what else can gowrong... I get to work.. and there are slashes in the front driver'sside tire of the truck. PERFECT! This is EXACTLY what I needed. So after explaining to my manager (read: my dad) what was up, he called a used tire place about 3 minutes away. So i went there and they fixed me up... for 50 + dollars! Hoo-RAY for overpriced used tires that I couldn't have gotten anywhere without! I fucking hate used tire places...you know they buy those things for like...5 bucks... and charge you 2 arms plus interest on your credit card, so they eventually get both of your legs and half of your right ear anyway. I got all fixed up and back on the road... get through my shift without incident. Went over to Amanda's and was kinda crabby and tired for the rest of the night... sorry sweetie... =)

So I wake up the next day (Yes... all of that happened in one day.)

Everything goes well... until I get into the shower... I go for my soap... it's on the floor of the shower.... now, my soap isn't expensive...but not cheap either... and I think to my self... hmm... I left this in the holder yesterday... I pick it up... there is about 1/8 of it left... I had well over 6/8 yesterday...so I get not happy about that. I then reach for my shampoo...also on the floor...it had about...*gasp* 1/8 left in it! To which I had huh... about half of it yesterday...so I casually (read: angrily) ask my mother who has used myshower in the last 24 hours. She says..."your dad...and Eli" I already know my dad doesn't use my soap...so she interrogates Eli for about 5minutes before he finally admits to using it all. He was "experimenting" with it... Little bastard...I hatekids.

In closing... tonight had better go off without a hitch... or I will be going off the deep end. Jack the Ripper will look like a freaking nursery rhyme. and Ted Bundy, a G rated sap-fest of cute, cuddly little bears dancing around a campfire singing along with Raffi. I'm sure I'll be fine as soon as I get to talk to Amanda... she always does calm me down somehow...

*vanishes in a flash of fire and brimstone*
Current Mood: bloodthirsty
Current Music: nothing... nothing at all.

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Date:August 22nd, 2004 06:46 pm (UTC)
^_^ I try, hon. I try.

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